Monster Cat: A Movie Script

Shimon Amit, October 3 , 2020
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Script - Science Fiction:

A CEO diagnosed with a terminal illness is willing to do anything to stay alive. The decision he makes binds his fate to the fate of his cat and dramatically changes his life as well as the lives of his employees and the Kashrut supervisors who join them.

The full script is in Hebrew only.


- INTERCUT: A scene in two different locations, for instance, a phone conversation where both locations appear in the scene.


M.C. or Music Cue: music/song in the sound track of the scene.

- O.S. or Off Screen: the character is at the location and we can hear the character, but cannot see the character.

- V.O. or Voice Over: the character in not at the location of the scene but speaks from a different location, e.g., (a) when two characters are talking on the phone and one of them is in a different location which is not shown in the scene, (b) voices coming from the radio (c) narration.

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