The site is run by Dr. Shimon Amit.

Dr. Amit holds a B.Sc. in Life Sciences (Biology) from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Additionally, he holds MA and PhD from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, specializing in the development of theories in biology and the connection between science, technology and society.


The articles on the site deal with the following topics:

  • History of Science, Philosophy of Science, Sociology of Science (HPS)
  • Science, Technology and Society (STS)
  • The interaction between the body and techno-cultural environments
  • Historical analysis of the development of the body↔machine metaphor and the perception of the body in the life sciences, on the background of the development of techno-cultural environments
  • Metaphorical thought and metaphors in science
  • Technology and Media
  • Marshall McLuhan and technological approaches in Media Studies
  • The Total Field / Total Environment or the holistic model of knowledge
  • The Socio-political aspects of Biblical Archeology, Biblical Studies and Jewish Studies